Date Conference
May 5-6, 2022SBK Congress Conference - Berne, Switzerland
May 11-13, 2022Exposanita - Bologne, Italy
May 12-13, 2022Swiss Congress for Emergency Medicine - Fribourg, Switzerland
May 13, 2022Head Nursing Conference - India
May 18-21, 2022SIP ( Italian Society of Pediatrics) - Sorrento, Italy
May 20-22, 2022Medical Fair India - Mumbai, India
May 22-26, 202257th Turkish Pediatrics Congress - Turkey
June 2-3, 2022Swiss Pediatric Congress - Lucerne, Switzerland
June 8-10, 2022SSAI Oslo - Oslo, Norway
June 12-15, 2022AIIC 2022 Clinical Engineer National Congress - Riccione, Italy

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