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This medical-grade thermometer model
is designed for hospital use. 

100+ patents
100+ clinical studies of superior accuracy
90% reduction in hospital costs

The Only "Mask Friendly" Medical Thermometer


The TAT-5000S model gives an accurate temperature reading with a simple forehead scan – no need to remove mask and risk exposure.

Available for EHR Data Integration

TAT-5000S Connected Model

This medical-grade thermometer is available on leading vital signs monitors for EHR Data Integration.

100+ patents
100+ clinical studies of superior accuracy
90% reduction in hospital costs

The Stress Reducer for
Nurses and Patients

One Exergen thermometer per bed reduces nursing time, increases patient satisfaction, and decreases hospital costs.


Accurate and Reliable Medical-Grade Thermometers

You are it. The first to lay eyes on your patient and ask, ‘How are you doing?’ You get their vitals, and just as important, you get their story. Exergen medical-grade thermometers provide the fast, reliable temperature reading that healthcare professional need without interrupting the care you want to give.

Exergen Models

Exergen has several medical-grade temporal thermometers used by a variety of healthcare professionals. 


Exergen’s TAT-5000S connected thermometer model integrates with your EHR system for greater efficiency. Forego the optional cover in favor of wipes between visits and earn back your installation costs in less than a year.


Exergen’s proprietary medical-grade temporal thermometer is ideal for hospital use. This model is specially designed to block the cracking often caused by harsh hospital cleaners. Healthcare professionals get convenience and greater savings.


The TAT-2000 medical thermometer is designed for nurses, including schools, nursing homes, and occasional clinical settings. This thermometer model offers the same benefits and functionality of the TAT-5000.


The DermaTemp is a high-precision hand-held infrared thermographic scanner designed to detect subtle skin temperature variations caused by underlying perfusion variations.

Easy-to-Use Thermometers for Medical Professionals

With a simple scan across the forehead, clinicians, nurses, and medical professionals can use Exergen’s medical-grade thermometers to get a patient's temperature. Learn more about how temporal thermometers work in hospitals and medical settings.


Exergen Training Resources

Learn about our medical thermometers and why they are effective for healthcare professionals.

Exergen Medical News

Exergen Corporation Receives Regulatory Approval to Launch Full Line of Temporal Artery Thermometers in Peru

Watertown, Mass, July 9, 2024 – Exergen Corporation, a pioneer in infrared thermometry technology, announces…

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Exergen Receives T&M Certification in India for its full Temporal Artery Thermometers Line

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Exergen Virtual Classroom


Watch instructional videos, download manuals, and learn how to best use the Exergen TemporalScanner.

Large Quantity Purchases of Medical Thermometers

Purchase thermometers in bulk for your hospital or medical facility from a trusted supplier and manufacturer. Contact our customer service team for large quantity purchases of medical thermometers.

medical thermometer bulk orders

"A patient's vitals are like a window into their body."

2019 Nurse Survey

Clinical Studies

Over 100 Peer-Reviewed Published Papers, Abstracts, Letters on Temporal Artery Thermometry.

Clinical Education

Learn about our Temporal Thermometers, the technology behind them, and what makes them so effective.

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