Exergen Announces The TAT-5000S as The Successor to The TAT-5000

| November 6, 2023

Watertown, Mass, September 1, 2023 – Exergen Corporation, an innovator in the realm of infrared temperature measurement tools for medical applications announces that the TAT-5000 is being replaced by the new TAT-5000S. At the crossroads of overworked hospitals, strained budgets, and an urgent call for sustainability, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent. Exergen’s answer to these challenges: the all-new TAT-5000S Temporal Artery Thermometer.

The TAT-5000S: Merging Innovation with Compassion

Using cutting-edge technology, the all-new TAT-5000S addresses the immediate needs of healthcare professionals.

The TAT-5000S continues to provide Exergen’s superior accuracy while boasting an even more user-friendly design. The improved ergonomics ensure ease of use and improve productivity. Another feature of the TAT-5000S is its sustainability. Crafted with innovative superior plastic, the device’s housing is virtually indestructible, reducing the need for replacements and minimizing environmental impact. The TAT-5000S includes a Lifetime Warranty, just like the TAT-5000 it replaces.

  1. Overworked Hospitals: A Strain on Healthcare Professionals 

Busy hospitals have become a symbol of the relentless battle healthcare professionals face daily. Burnout is a concern, and addressing the working conditions of these individuals with the easy-to-use TAT-5000S that improves their productivity is paramount.

  1. Constrained Budgets: Navigating Financial Uncertainties

Constrained budgets place healthcare institutions between a rock and a hard place. Sustainable financial practices that prioritize fair compensation and resource allocation are vital for the industry’s future. For financially stressed hospitals, affordable thermometers like the new TAT-5000S are an excellent investment.

  1. Sustainability: Greening Healthcare for Future Generations

The call for sustainability has gained momentum across the globe. Healthcare, as a significant contributor to waste generation, energy consumption, and carbon footprint, must hear this call. Hospitals are exploring for ways to reduce waste, energy consumption, and their environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Working Towards a Healthier Future

All over the world, the TAT-5000S is already available as a stand-alone model and connected version with vital signs monitors. In many hospitals, it has become the standard thermometer. Introducing the TAT-5000S globally will also make it a global standard.

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